Store features

Ready-to-Make Meals


Savory ready-to-eat and easy ready-to-cook meals prepared with premium ingredients.

Grains and Bread


Local grains and delicious baked goods ranging from artisan bread, health bars,  and desserts.

Value-Add Products

Elderberry preserve.
Made in Minnesota.

 A wide selection of value-add products - from confectionery snacks, handmade jams and jellies, to savory sauces and fermentations.



Grown with care by local farmers who are certified organic or just take extra steps to make sure what you eat is of the highest quality.

Meat and Dairy


Sourced from local farms, our meat selection include unique cuts like pork belly for better bacon recipes and oxtails for rich soups. 

Spices, Herbs and Specials


Herbs, spices, and superfoods like roasted hemp seeds and super beverages like switchel and kombucha have a special place in our store.