About Us

Uniquely different by giving 100% of the retail sales proceeds back the producer

We are all about local food and helping the small-batch makers enter and thrive in the market place. At our core, we are a food maker-led market with a unique business model that helps food startups and expanding food producers in Minnesota to bring their finest products directly to you, while giving back 100% of the retail sales proceeds back to them.  We call that co-retailing - a new grocery model with potential to create efficiencies that can change how small-batch producers compete in the marketplace.

At Seasoned, shoppers will feel like they are at a farmer’s market, a foodie gift shop and a small scale but fully stocked grocery store all at once.  What does that mean? 

It means that shoppers will be able to buy handmade, small-batch food products, know who the maker is ,  and find a variety of groceries and ingredients to make a full meal at home - all the while, feeling great that 100% of the proceeds from the sale go back to the maker. 

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Our Team

Creative. Pioneering. Friendly.  Kayla, Monique, Stephanie, and Mee are always ready to welcome  you. Kayla, our Founder (left), created co-retailing to help small local producers get higher margins, after having spent 3 years as a maker, selling broth and meal kits, and  found it hard to break even and stay in business when margins in a traditional grocery model are so low. 


Our Makers' Brands

Our makers are local, small, often family or individually-owned and hardworking  Minnesotan food manufacturers who believe that the food we eat should be good for us and the earth. We have over 30 makers in co-retailing.


Our Space

Warm, homely and often describe as "cute" by those who shop with us, we integrate food from different cultures and welcome all.