About Us

We're all about connecting people who love to eat well with foodmakers!

We are a foodmaker-led market with a unique business model that helps food startups and expanding food producers in Minnesota to bring their finest products directly to consumers.  At Seasoned, shoppers will feel like they are at a farmer’s market, a foodie gift shop and a small scale but fully stocked grocery store all at once.  What does that mean? 

Shoppers will be able to buy handmade artisanal food products, know exactly who the maker is, and feel great that 100% of the proceeds from the sale go back to its maker. And at the same time, shoppers can find a variety of groceries and ingredients that allow them to make a full meal at home. 

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Support your local food community. Help us help small local producers thrive.

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Our Team

Creative. Pioneering. Friendly.  Kayla, Monique, Stephanie, and Mee are always ready to welcome  you.

Our Brand Partners

Our brand partners are Minnesotan food makers who believe that the food we eat should be good for us and the earth.

Our Space

Integrates food from different cultures and welcomes all.